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Skydive Hervey Bay Can show you the world from above

Strap yourself to one of our experienced tandem masters, and get ready for the thrill of a lifetime. There's no excuse. Whether you're young or old, there is just nothing like it.

Our Tandem Jumps

Beach Bums

Hervey Bay's beautiful white sandy beaches stretch from the north western boundary of Hervey Bay right across to the sandy straits, offering an amazing view under parachute. Our beautiful beaches are a reflection of Fraser Island's remarkable coastline, and offer the best place to land your parachute. On a clear day, you can sometimes see as far north as Bundaberg, and down to Maryborough.

We jump from up to 14,000ft, the highest altitude possible in Australia before needing oxygen! You will get up to 60 seconds of freefall, giving you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the adrenaline rush while you soak up the amazing views of Fraser Island and the Fraser Coast. Good luck wiping that smile off your face when you land right on the beach in Hervey Bay!


Pelican Banks

Pelican Banks is a sandy cay 7 nautical miles off the Hervey Bay coast, that acts as a bird sanctuary for 6 months of the year. All sand, with no trees, this offers an excellent location to land on whilst enjoying views of Fraser Island's western point, Moon Point.



*Minimum 2 people

Round Island

Round Island is a tropical island with shady picnic areas located 1km off the Hervey Bay boat harbour. Enjoy a jump onto the island, and go for a swim in the cool, turquoise waters surrounding the island.



*Minimum 2 people

Elliott Heads

Elliott Heads is our newest dropzone located just 15 minutes from Bundaberg City.

Sparkling white sand and blue water makes a picturesque backdrop for your skydive. Surrounded by numerous picnic spots, why not sit back and relax while you watch your loved ones land back safely on the soft, white sand.

Call us for details.


Don't worry! Skdiving is a spectator sport as well! If you're too chicken to have a go, you can still watch all the action unfold! Our friendly and knowledgable ground crew go to the beach for every jump. So you can follow the bus to the beach and watch your loved ones have the time of their life!

Every day is different. We don't choose which beach we land on... the wind tells us. Every jump, we analyse the winds, and allocate the beach we will land on. This means, that as much as we'd like to, we cannot guarantee you a certain beach. But at the time of your jump, ask one of our friendly team where you will be landing, and we can let you know how to get there with plenty of time to watch the action unfold!